Tag-on’s such as the pumpers often part of a long term purchasing agreement that allow customers to increase safety, efficiency and cost for multiple years while minimizing the expense and delays of repetitive procurement processes.

The TDA tractors will be KME Severe ServiceTM cabs with an 18” raised roof, and Cummins ISX-12 500hp engine. The aerials include custom fire body with transverse upper and lower compartments, a large ground ladder compliment and an AerialCatTM 101’ ladder with pre-piped waterway.

The pumpers also include a 96” Severe Service cab, Cummins ISX-12 450hp engine, 2000gpm two stage pump, CAFS, 750 gal water/40 gal foam tanks, and aluminum fire body with customized shelving and compartmentation.

The units were sold by Hawaii Specialty Vehicles in Honolulu, KME’s dealer for Hawaii.

Honolulu is one of our nation’s largest cities and the HFD’s mission to save lives and protect property dates back to 1851.  Today, the Department protects the City and County of Honolulu (City) with a force of over 1,100 fire fighters.  The island is divided into five battalions containing 44 fire stations.

For more information, contact KME or your local KME dealer.