REV Group, a manufacturer of industry-leading motor vehicle brands, has announced a partnership with ZeroRPM in the development of a battery powered idle mitigation system specifically engineered for the E-ONE, Ferrara and KME fire apparatus.

The idle mitigation system will automatically switch off the fire truck’s chassis engine to power the warning lights, work lights and scene lights for 30 minutes or more depending on amp draw and size of the battery module. Through use of the ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation System, fire departments can reduce fuel costs, excessive engine wear, scene noise, while also promoting cleaner air for the environment and providing operators with cab comfort without running the vehicle’s engine.

The benefits of the Idle Mitigation System include the following:

  • Operates in complete silence
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Results in less frequent DPF regenerations due to reduced idling
  • Results in less wear on power train due to reduced idle time
  • Powers optional HVAC system to keep cab cool

Jay Johnson, Vice President of Product Management, Marketing, & After-Market at REV Group’s Fire Division states, “By partnering with ZeroRPM, we are able to provide cities and counties with a proven sustainable approach for auxiliary power on the fire ground or during a rescue situation.  The benefits are beyond compelling not only in terms of improved apparatus wear and firefighter comfort but equally so with reduced emissions for the environment.”