REV Group (NYSE: REVG), a $2.3 billion manufacturer of industry-leading specialty vehicle brands, is proud to announce the new AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology, a secure revolutionary system that is engineered specifically for the fire service. This intelligent truck platform is for all E-ONE, Ferrara, and KME branded vehicles.

With the AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology, fire departments can continuously and remotely monitor the health or condition of their apparatus, which vastly improves in-service utilization through real-time awareness and a reduction in unscheduled repairs.

This new technology is a significant step beyond conventional fleet management systems because it monitors the status of not only the chassis, but also the critical multiplexing systems and relevant water flow components on the apparatus. Additionally, it enables superior electronics troubleshooting and support through real-time notifications, run-log recording, remote diagnostics and secure over-the-air device updates.

The AXISTM Smart Truck Technology provides:

  • Access from any computer, laptop or mobile device to vehicle information through a web based dashboard
  • Important truck information at a glance with the ability to delve further into specific truck data and diagnostics
  • Monitoring of up to 5 vehicle networks
  • Remote updates to multiple components and faster support from the dealer and OEM when service is needed
  • Real time vehicle notification via text and email to mobile devices
  • An open architecture design allowing for the adoption of additional technology partners to further improve fire ground operations and more

Having trucks in service is critical to mission success, and driving increased operational readiness is foundational to E-ONE, Ferrara, and KME customer support. As Jay Johnson, Vice President of Product Management, Marketing, & After-Market at REV Group’s Fire Division states, “This revolutionary technology sets the stage for unmatched customer support while establishing our fire apparatus as the unparalleled Internet of Things (IoT) hub for the future fire ground.”

Look for updates on the AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology and additional partnering applications in the future.