REV Group®, a leading provider of best-in-class specialty vehicles, including fire apparatus brands such as E-ONE®, KME®, Ferrara™, Spartan Emergency Response®, Smeal™, and Ladder Tower™, will display more than 30 fire apparatus and the latest in technological advancements at the REV Fire World of Innovation and Protection booth during FDIC International (Fire Department Instructors Conference) in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 5 – 7, 2021.

In keeping with REV Fire Group’s FDIC theme of “Relentless Innovation & Continuous Protection,” a dedicated exhibit will showcase the latest technological advancements for the fire service. This will include:

• Smart Reach™ Multi-Stance™ System: Through augmented reality, attendees can experience firsthand this patented new Smeal ladder and outrigger control system that offers 360-degree, no dead-zone functionality on aerials that can be adapted to the scene while maintaining full reach. The Smart Reach control console provides real-time data, and its electric and hydraulic aerial controls offer the ultimate in smooth operation. It also offers Advance Rung Lighting, a series of RGB LED light strips that can have customized patterns running the length of the ladder.

• Smart Flo™: This integrated pressure governor system for fire apparatus allows control of both water flow and foam from one location. It features a one-button pump shift for ease of operation, automatic pump protection, and a camera display of the officer’s side, offering firefighters total control at any fire scene.

• ECO IDLE-TEC™: This idle reduction system specifically designed for fire apparatus shuts off the main engine during EMS and rescue calls, eliminating loud diesel engine noise and exhaust while maintaining power for lighting, air conditioning, and more. This reduces operating costs, protects the environment, and improves driver safety and comfort.

• Active Air Purification System: Designed with advanced Photohydroionization® (PHI Cell) and UV technology, these units kill 99 percent of pathogens, including the virus which causes COVID-19, in the air and on surfaces delivering better air quality and a safer cab environment for your crew.

Representatives of each of the fire brands will also be on hand to discuss the unique features of each of the fire apparatus that will be on display during the conference. Approximately 33 vehicles in various configurations will be showcased including 15 aerials – among them, three tractor-drawn aerials.

“We have an exciting lineup of apparatus and the latest in technology to share with FDIC attendees this year,” said Kent Tyler, President of REV Fire Group. “Our theme of ‘Relentless Innovation & Continuous Protection’ speaks well to what our brands provide in serving fire departments and their local communities. We look forward to sharing this with everyone at FDIC!”