The Severe Service ST was built with compact areas in mind. The main feature is that the cab can be tilted inside almost any fire station for access to the engine. The 96” cab width makes this an ideal choice for urban environments, yet still provides ample space up for the driver and officer with a specially designed engine enclosure to maximize spacing at the elbow, hip and knee areas. This new cab design also extends the crew area making it possible to house a command unit.



The benefits of the new Severe Service ST include:

  • Stainless Steel Design:  Stainless Steel provides durability and strength.
  • Split Tilt:  The split tilt design makes it easy and practical to tilt the cab inside the station.
  • Stationary Rear Cab:  This design  makes it possible to house a command center in the cab where desks and computer stations will not tilt.

“The Severe Service ST cab allows KME to offer a spacious, extended length cab utilizing stainless steel material and is another unique design in our cab family” states Pete Hoherchak, Product Manager at KME.

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