KME Fire Apparatus, an industry-leading manufacturer of fire apparatus announces the launch of the new extreme-duty aerial, the Tuff Truck AerialCat. The new Tuff TruckTM was specifically designed to meet the demands of a challenging urban environment with tight streets and numerous obstacles.

The 103’ Tuff Truck AerialCat is a highly maneuverable 103’ ladder with a 12’ jack stance designed to set up in compact areas. It features an unrestricted 500 lb tip load and a 1500 gpm waterway with Store Front Blitz and -7 to +80 degree unrestricted operation range. The 103’ Tuff Truck is built on KME’s 96” Severe ServiceTM cab with a 500 HP engine and 4000 EVS transmission.

The benefits of the new Tuff Truck AerialCat include:

  • More Compartment Space:  25” deep compartments allow 185 cubic feet of compartment space.
  • Compact Design:  Easy to maneuver with a wheelbase as short as 198” and short outrigger stance of 12’ with the capability to short jack at 10’6”.
  • Better Weight Capacity:  Designed to accommodate a 650-gallon water tank and an enclosed ladder storage capable of housing an ISO compliant package. The tandem axle design provides better braking, traction and vehicle stability.
  • No Restrictions:  Operate in a full range of motion with no restrictions. The truck will operate at any low angle forward of the outriggers and can be set-up on an 11-degree slope.
  • Unmatched Length:   The shortest overall length in the industry at 38’ 4”.

“The Tuff Truck AerialCat has the advantage of a shorter overall length, shorter wheelbase and narrower body and cab in the 100’ ladder range,” said Pete Hoherchak, Aerial Product Manager, KME.  “By creating the new Tuff Truck we can now offer any cab, drive train, pump and body options available without the need for restrictions due to weight concerns – KME has the solution!”

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